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 Friday 16th October Circle

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Dancing Bear

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PostSubject: Friday 16th October Circle   16/10/2009, 11:53 am

Here they are girls .. Our Victims for todays circle .. Now be nice to them. OK! Rolling Eyes tongue

see you there!!

Have I not here the best cards for the game William Shakespeare :King John

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Registration date : 2009-10-16

PostSubject: some feedback...   16/10/2009, 5:05 pm

This is Allison, of the bottom picture Smile

The circle was great fun, thank you all for letting me be a part of it.

There was so much said I can't remember who said what.

Someone mentioned Possum being used as a name, just thought I'd mention that after I logged out the noisiest possum I've heard in a long time was running madly around on my roof bounce

Someone kept seeing sport around me. My older son is very sporty and my life has been very busy lately with his sporting commitments.

Dancing Bear seemed to be seeing my Pop who has passed. Someone was also seeing a person who they thought passed longer ago, and there was talk of someone in a hat... I just wonder if this wasn't all related as my favourite photo of my Pop is one of him as a younger man, wearing what I think of as a gangster hat and a big coat. It's kind of an old wartime (period mentioned) image and something I associate strongly with him so maybe it was all him. He was, as described, a tall thin balding man. Also he was a very successful water diviner so likely to be willing to associate with you divinatory lot LOL

I think DB asked if he did a lot of odd jobs for his wife, it was more like he did them because of her, she was kind of difficult and he got in trouble more if he was there to get in trouble IYKWIM.
The proud cook and family woman someone saw was possibly his wife, they both passed within the last year or a bit more.

Someone saw heartache - been a few deaths lately as you can see!

The bank issues/business/inheritance issues - it's just all been very complicated, joining the family partnership and then having to redo everything with one name less Crying or Very sad . It seems to have been going on forever so it's quite a reasonable thing to pick up on.

Someone asked about my aunt and someone else about greed, at the same time. At the time my father passed my Aunt had stopped talking to him over a ridiculous issue to do with Nana and Pop's wills. Sheer madness. She actually, thanks to my father's actions, got far more than what she was initially due to get. So, definately a greed issue there, but she's still alive so it wasn't her in spirit! All my Aunts are alive.

I was really interested in the native type person who seemed to approve of our use of the land. This would be a traditional owner of the land not an ancestor of mine I assume. there are no Inuit in australia but I wonder if the seer perhaps saw 'native' in the terms her mind was familiar with? Otherwise it would be going back to prehistory for there to be people in white furs here I think. An Aboriginal girl in the bush behind the photo is entirely possible. This is good country, I'm sure they made use of it.

Oh dear it's insanely late now, I must go to bed
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Registration date : 2009-10-16

PostSubject: another thought   16/10/2009, 11:41 pm

After I tuned off the computer, another possible connection occurred to me. I believe it was Dancing Bear who had a reference to PET and was asking if Pop had a pet name for me... well, what if 'Pet' and 'name' was actually referring to the name Pete? that's my husband, living, he got on very well with my Pop. (That seems blindingly obvious now Rolling Eyes )

I know I was only a volunteer and I don't know anything about psychic reading, but for what it's worth I think the readers might get better feedback and therefore be able to proceed better with their reading if the 'victim' didn't have quite so many people to respond too. There just isn't time to give sufficient thought to every suggestion that comes in. I type pretty well and even I was flat out just giving answers, I'm sure I missed things that with a bit more thought I could have figured out what the connection was so the reader would be able to work better with what they were getting. What I mean is, if anyone is now thinking 'well, I'm not much good with these online photos', it might just be that they didn't get appropriate response from me.
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Number of posts : 2
Location : Arizona
Humor : Macabre
Registration date : 2009-10-17

PostSubject: Re: Friday 16th October Circle   17/10/2009, 1:14 pm

Hi all,

Thank you so much for including me in the circle. It was a very unique experience, and although the time differences are a little tough, I could definitely see myself coming back to help read for others. I was only able to pick up on a few things from Allison, there towards the end, but it was so energetic, and in a good way, I've never picked up on things like that for people who I had never physically seen, let alone over the internet.

The reading for me was just is hard for me to remember who said what, as it did happen very fast, and several people picked up on the same things at once, but I would like to give a bit of feedback regarding the reading. The order in whcih things were being picked up seemed that the first things were very much on the surface, my depression, etc,

Several people picked up on ailments I have. My main problem is trying to understand which parts are related to my depression and which are strictly physiological. When someone couldn't turn their head I about died laughing, as all this past week it has felt like I experienced whiplash at some point without any real explanation as to why it felt that way. Hurts like hell though, lol.

A cluttered head was mentioned, and i should say that I find it very hard to turn it off....thoughts are constantly going through my head. It is mostly due to anxiety, but also I think to some fear of inadequacy, etc.

Someone mentioned something that got me to thinking about when I was little, how I knew things that i had never experienced, etc, one of those things was reading. I knew how to read form a very early age, and was reading my grandma's (mom's ma) novels by the age of six. Reading VC Andrews at that age seems so weird, but I was able to not only read the books, but do so with an extreme amount of comprehension. I've always felt like this wasn't my first life, like I had an old soul or something. Not sure if it's true, as I haven't explored very much in that area, but there are memories I have that aren't of things that happened in this life. Oddly enough, I have repressed alot of painful childhood memories, but seem to remember stuff that never happened just fine *shrugs*

But I was completely taken aback when not just one, but both of my grandmothers were mentioned. Some of those memories came flooding back to me, very strongly, it was like I could see memories of the past, but not just see them, reexperience them; I was seeing my grandmothers through my eyes as a young child. Someone also picked up on some homemade lemon pudding...well my mother's ma cooked well and often, as was mentioned, but right as this person was typing (was it Queeny?) I felt the warm spoon in my mouth, and tasted the lemon, and there were bits of flour in it, like it hadn't been whisked quite well enough yet. And when Lark mentioned "little peanut" it pretty much drove me to tears. That was my father's ma, her little nickname for my oldest son, and I feel that when she was alive I grew too accustomed to her always being there. She passed away from an aneurism, it was very quick and noone saw it coming, as she was in very good health for her age.

My other grandma however had a declining health period, and she spent the last of her days in a nursing home, which they didn't take proper care of her but my mother & aunt couldn't afford anything else, and none of my grandma's other eight children offered to help at was very sad, and there towards the end I stopped is one of the things I will always regret, but it was so heartwrenching watching her there. The nursing home would always leave people in the halls...people who needed help, and care, just sitting their in wheelcahirs in the middle of the aisle, moaning their discomfort. Not one of them was well taken care of. The home has switched hands on more than one occasion because of this, but unfortuantely it never seems to change. The place is heavy with the feeling of death...and not just that but suffering as well. It is not one of the homes that helps people stay comfortable and respects someone during their last days. My visits got fewer and far between.

One thing that was odd about them in life is that they never got along, and would always, for as long as I can remember one up each other. And not just that, they would argue about who was going to outlive the other. When my maternal grandma passed away, it was almost as if my other grandma said "ha ha, i told you so", as she passed only two days later.

It tore me apart losing both of them, and I never really have allowed myself to grieve, as I feel I don't deserve to based on how I acted. But I do think now that after the reading I am more focused on how they lived than on how they passed... and I know I should have come to this state of mind sooner as it has been four years now (will be exactly at the end of this month/beginning of next) I just haven't handled it very well. It pains me deeply. They both meant so much to me, and to my two older children, as the littlest ones never met them. They were both very creative, and taught me many of their skills. I am in more of a mind than ever to pass these traditions on to my children.

I am very comforted by the fact that they are here with me, as I do feel very alone right now. especially in regards to the custody issue with my son..I didn't realize how much I was still fighting with it internally. It will be one of those things that works itself out somehow, I am sure of this now.

I talked to my father about his ancestry again, but it is how I thought; he was adopted and while he was able to trace his natural mother's family to an extent about ten years ago, he was never able to trace his natural father's family as his mother had been raped. It is hard for him to talk about, so I didn't press the matter, but I did inquire as to how far he got in his search. Th only thing we were ever able to figure out was that they were fairly sure his natural grandfather was Cherokee, and that his natural grandmother had immigrated to Maine from another country. Eventually the family came to Arizona. Not really sure of the whys or hows behind any of it.

Last but not least I spoke to my SO about getting my teeth looked at, and he figured out a way *miraculously* to work out a payment plan into the budget, so I will be calling the dentist's office next week.

I seem to have gone on quite a bit here, but I did want to leave feedback from the reading. Thank you again everyone for a wonderful experience. The "buzzing" was still happening until later into the day, and eventually dissipated. It was like the feeling I used to get in my hands when I did healing work (somehting I've been wanting to get back to), except it was all over my body.
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Number of posts : 4
Registration date : 2009-10-16

PostSubject: Re: Friday 16th October Circle   19/10/2009, 1:37 pm

Just popping in quickly to add that someone saw a baby girl around me, duiring the Friday circle.

Well, on the weekend we unexpectedly found and brought home a baby girl... calf! Poor baby couldn't feed from her mum. Hopefully we can save her!
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PostSubject: Re: Friday 16th October Circle   

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Friday 16th October Circle
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