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 As above so below

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PostSubject: As above so below   23/2/2011, 1:44 pm

As you all know i think way too much.
But again i was thinking about the phrase As above so below.
It is one of my favourites
as It explains for me the comparison of the Spirit world and the land of the living.
and i can think of a few other things it explains.

So anyway I researched the saying and found this out.
It is an ancient Hermatic saying that proclaimed a belief in the physical connection between Heaven and earth..

Now as you all know i dont believe in a heaven nor hell..
But i think as most words throughout time morph into meanings that suite either the times , religions and or mind sets of the time..
These days times are a bit different. Everyone has different beliefs regardless of upbringing country of birth etc. especially in democratic Westernised societies.. even though the rest of the world see the western society as Christian or catholic. Much to my distaste, and cant help but correct anyone who verbally says this is so.
But i cannot deny our westernised counrtries were based upon Christian beliefs many many moons ago and a lot of that belief system does lend a lot to the residual energy of our society.
Religions and beliefs systems are no longer confined to countries nor race.
We have the choice..

I wont say that some are not still persecuted for following a different faith to their upbringing or country..But they are not democartic or westernised countries.. they are countries who like to stick the the old ways..and so be it..each to their own.

Anyway Off the beaten track there , but sticking to what i am writing about..
In this day and age..
For me the saying As above so Below is fitting to so much as far as this Mediumship world is concenred..
It may not be heaven i am referring to, but close to it.. it is full of dead people as Heaven would be.
Below I am assuming it would be Earth..
So ok!! Isnt Heaven is a place where there is peace, Loads of Love, compassion etc etc, All things nice in other words?
And now we come to so below.. If that is Earth.. it definately isnt all things Nice.
and It definately wouldnt be the biblical version of Hell..that is the opposite to Heaven apparently..

As above so below.
Would they mean :As above (Earth, Land of the Living)
and so below ( Hell) ??

What i havent found out.. What did the Hermatics think Heaven was. Ok i have now. The Hermatics saw Heaven as the Spirit world.. Yay!! so do I.. But not the biblical version.

Now Hermaticism as far as i can find out is based upon the Greek word Hermes which relates to a square post used for communications with deities. And names used in Greece that start with the name Herm date back 600BCE
it wasnt until roughly 1640's that the word Hermatic was used to describe a Belief system, based upon the people who believe in the spirit world.
Hermatic Writings date back to Egyptian times believed to be about 200 CE

Then you have the Greek God Hermes..
The phrase was part of writings found on a Tablet, the work wasnt very long at all, it came in three parts.
Called "The Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus" Trismegistus Meaning , Thrice Great or Ao-Ao-Ao "greatest"
As the story goes, The tablet was found by Alexander the Great at Hebron.
Suppposedly in the Tomb Of Hermes.
As Above So Below is to accomplish the Miracle of the one thing. What that one thing is < Dont ask, I have no idea Yet!!
The Tablet also refers to the three parts to the wisdom of the whole universe.
This link gives you a little more information about the Emerald Tablet if you are interested in further reading

Now throughout time words get mixed up and truned around etc.. Hermes was originally a Man with Wings , the Latin wording got mixed up somehow and he became the Man with horns.
Is he the Druids Cernunnos. their Forest God?
Did he become the Christian and Catholic Devil?

The gesture of as above so below is throughout time depicted in many ways through the art and sculpture of many cultures.
A Persons Index finger and thumb extend upwards. Arm raised in the air. It is a well known symbol of Mans Mystical connection to God.
"As Above, So Below"

In Three of Leonardo DaVIncis Paintings This Gesture is depicted
"the Last supper"
as we look at the Painting, James the Greater on Our right of Jesus has his hand in Gesture Of pointing to the heavens. Some say the Adoration of Magi ( but i dont see it, see for yourself) , and Saint John the Baptist. which is undeniable

So there you have it.. Just a bit of information of the saying, that i am guilty of using quite often, And more than likely will continue to do so.

As above , so below..
to me it will always mean, what we see on this earth plane in the land of the living is also mirrored in the spirit world.
so if you ever see a weird and wonderful creature in spirit world. Ask yourself, would something like that exist in the land of the living? If not, then we would have a Human playing with their energy, wanting to come across as something different than Human.
the saying to me explains in just 4 words the ways of the universe.

What does these four little words mean to you?
What do they say?

I would love to know.. and also if you have anymore history on this wonderful saying I would love to know about it..

Here is the Freemasons Version of the Emreald Tablet.. Note the hands

This Next link I thought i would give you the entire website as the write up about the Emerald aTablet is quite good

Here are a couple of versions of the Tablet, Both are worthy of placing here.

Version one

Version Two

I found this research quite interesting .

Have I not here the best cards for the game William Shakespeare :King John

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As above so below
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