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 Program Alert!!

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Pisces Number of posts : 645
Age : 61
Location : in a lake in minnesota
Registration date : 2010-07-16

PostSubject: Program Alert!!   14/3/2011, 7:54 pm

Like a Star @ heaven psychic medium John Edward will be on Dr.Oz's show tomorrow morning!! Like a Star @ heaven
so stoked to see John on the tube again!

if you don't get the program in yer area, watch it online at:
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Pisces Number of posts : 645
Age : 61
Location : in a lake in minnesota
Registration date : 2010-07-16

PostSubject: Re: Program Alert!!   15/3/2011, 6:13 pm

wonderful first segment of Dr.Oz's show...John was amazing as usual...kinda stunned
the Doc a bit with his readings of the audience...
audience members got a free copy of his new book....

John gave 3 tips for anyone to communicate with the Otherside...


2-sit and listen, open yerself up

3-journal/write letters to the Departed, get closer to them in yer mind

great advice to anyone, especially if grief is hitting hard...writing yer thoughts out to
the one you lost helps a lot, i've done it before...not in a journal,but amazed
how blabby you get, but it gets feelings out...bottling things up can cause physical, mental,
and spiritual problems...
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Libra Number of posts : 525
Age : 57
Location : NY
Registration date : 2009-01-13

PostSubject: Re: Program Alert!!   16/3/2011, 6:03 pm

Very Happy

Rockersgurl, I was JUST about to post here that I saw John Edward on Dr. Oz this morning! Laughing

I don't always watch Dr. Oz, but I happened to turn him on, (LOVE HIS SHOWS!) and there was John!
he happens to be giving a show here in my area in June, but unfortunately, he charges more then I can afford. Sad
So, I cannot buy a ticket, but who knows--miracles can happen and if I am meant to see him in action, I will!

Hes giving a show right around the corner from the shop where I read, so I am thinking about making sure I am working at the shop that same day and the day before and perhaps the day after as well! Laughing ya never know! since we are so close to where he is giving the show, I may just 'run' into him! cheers

and, yes, he gave the 3 tips you listed, and I think he also mentioned prayer w/meditation. I happen to know that John Edward is Catholic and he prays the rosary daily and also meditates. He was my inspiration when I began doing medium work. I had always prayed the rosary daily too--and when I heard that is what he does to prepare, I thought, "wow! how cool!" then, I progressed from there. Not that I'm anywhere near as good as John is, but one can hope to aspire to be, right?!

by the way, I also tell people to talk to their departed loved ones. talk out loud to them or in your head. either way, they hear you! and ask them to give you a sign that they are around. then watch for those signs. My mother, a psychic medium as well, had once asked for her parents to come and help her and to let her know they are around. When she was cleaning the house then later, she opened her bedroom door to go vacuum and right there laying next to the closed bedroom door was a picture of her mom and dad!

She didn't have that picture out. she keeps all her pictures in a box. well...many boxes to be honest. with lids and htey are tucked into either her bottom dresser drawer OR her closet--neither of which is that close to the bedroom door.

Another time, her mothers prayer book was laying in the middle of her floor and opened to a prayer that my had a note beside it in my grandmothers hand. the note said, "never known to fail!" and so the prayer on that page was one that we still say to this day for things most needed, as a result. and, it seems to work! Very Happy

so, talking, writing whatever, to your deceased loved ones will enable them to be able to make contact with you as well. they are ALWAYS around you, watching over you and doing what they can to help you. whether you know it or not. they also want to make contact! so try it and be aware.

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PostSubject: Re: Program Alert!!   

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Program Alert!!
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