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 Tea Leaf readings

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PostSubject: Tea Leaf readings   8/9/2011, 4:44 am

Today I met with a friend and her husband at a local tea shop and a tea leaf reading. This is actually my 2nd 'real' tea leaf reading. Oh, I've dabbled with it myself to no avail, and had my daughter and others also try to read my tea leaves, and again, to no avail, but this lady at this tea shop....WOW! cheers she is GOOD!!!!

So, this was my 2nd reading there, but the first for my friend who met me there. Smile

Well, we ordered our tea, (black tea, though you can pretty much order any tea leaf drink), and we each drank our tea (minus the leaves) till it was only about 1/3 full. then, we added the tea leaves, what ever amount we wanted, swirled it around in the round little cup, and then drank the rest of the liquid. When the liquid was all gone, I turned my cup upside down on the 'saucer' which was actually an oblong wooden tray. Turned it 3X to the left, and then the tea leaf reader turned it over and read the leaves.

As I was turning the cup round 3x, I was told to concentrate on what I wanted for my future. So, I made 3 wishes about my future, and lucky me! I'll most likely see all 3 come true! afro

the first one had to do with my husband. I didn't voice my wishes, but the reader picked up on the fact that while it was connected to me, it had to do more with another person close to me. She then saw drafting tools all around this, and she could also tell it was a man this was happening for. My husband is an engineer, so the drafting tools made sense that they were just describing my husband. The reader mentioned that this wish was something I wanted to come true very soon where as the person it was mostly for (my hubby) was not in a hurry and was pushing it back further. True. Very true. I cannot divulge what it was exactly--but will say it has to do with my husbands career and our future. I'm jsut happy that it will come to be!

The 2nd wish was all about me and my 'abilities'. She brought up how I had gone through a huge transition that was quite troubling to me and made me stop or at least slow down significantly with my abilities. But, that I have now pretty much put it behind me, learned the lesson I needed to learn and was now ready to move forward again, and while I have not done much with these abilities, it would soon begin to take off again. She did mention that I would get some help through a group of others, and I fully believe this is the pyshcic circle here on PW, and perhaps my friends at the New Age Shop where I work. I am ANXIOUS to get the ball rolling again for sure! bounce

When my cup was first poured, there were a lot of bubbles that appeared, and the reader exclaimed that it meant I was goign to get a lot of money! WOO HOO!!! I did mean to run out and buy a lottery ticket, but silly me, by the time I started home, I was tired and forgot. Sad I'll get that tomorrow! Very Happy

She also pointed out a ship and mentioned travel for me. Well, when are we NOT traveling? jocolor My friend who was there is also a psychic, and she piped in, "Ah! Are you planning another cruise?" Well, we always cruise, though it has been a bit over a year since our last cruise, due to moving and not alot of funding for it. BUT! the hubby just sat down last night and looked at me and announced, "you know, I miss cruising....I would REALLY like us to go on a cruise again... maybe march 2012 time frame....I was checking it out and there is a 9day Carribbean cruise that looks good............." he didn't need to coax me. I LOVE CRUISING!!! it's the only way to travel! Very Happy flower So, both the reader, and my friend, were right. I had to tell them that Bob was just planning our next cruise.......... lol!

Then....let me see....a few other details, but I cannot recall exactly what they were now, save the fact that money is coming in for me, and both my wishes would come to be, and a coyote showed up for me in the reading as well as a bird with a sharp beak. she couldn't really determine if this was a woodpecker or a heron or an eagle. So, when I got home, I also took the liberty of looking these up:

coyote: indicates deception and weakness. this does make sense to me, as I think it relates to the way I have thought about handling a certain situation in my life w/some people. I realize this is a wrong way to go about it so, I guess I need to not do it. basically, i was just going to play their game - with them. But, as I know the games THEY play are not right, I really shouldn't stoop to their level and so I won't. They did something quite upsetting to me awhile ago, (also picked up btw by the reader) and it hurt me terribly. anyway, enough about that.

woodpecker:The woodpecker shows that there is something in my waking life that I have overlooked and need to pay attn to. it can also symbolize industry and diligence.

I think the woodpecker is also telling me to let it all go from that awful experience and to stop dwelling on it and trying to figure it out! It happened. It was bad. shame on them. teh end.

or Eagle: self renewal and a step forward spiritually. Eagles actually have a weak voice, (which I do too), and so if the bird she saw was actually an eagle I would say it is indicating that I need to speak up for myself and not stay quiet. I didn't raise much of a fuss with the one person who upset me greatly, because I was a guest in her home. I couldn't do that. Though quite honestly, I always have a hard time telling this woman off. Sad But, I think if it was an eagle the reader saw, it would indicate that I need to develop my voice and use it!

heron: Ive been seeing a lot of herons around me lately, but they are quite abundant here in VT, especially where the hubby & I kayak.

To see a heron in your dream represents self-reliance, stability, tactfulness and careful forethought. You will achieve much success through your efforts.

Herons teach patience. Good knows I do need this!!! In fact, it was one of the first messages my guide(s) have passed on to me. Apparently my biggest life lesson in this go round is to learn patience. I know I have not learned it yet. driving home I was anything but! all the idiots on the road drove me nuts! cyclops

OH! I almost forgot! She saw me in a past life. I was a woman in medieval times and I had a child with me. Back then, I was also a psychic and am continuing to follow through with my spiritual development in this life. Now, this is the 3rd life that I was told about where I was a very spiritual person and also had psychic abilities. Very interesting! Very Happy

I was neither very rich then nor was I poor. I was comfortable and had no worries. Sort of like now, I guess. Why can't I become FILTHY RICH???? Preferably THIS life time? geek

Oh, and she also saw a wand for me. She felt like it was definitely for me, and thought I might be a dowser. I am not. interesting subject, but not what I am interested in doing. at least now............

anyway, that was pretty much it. at least what I can recall now. now, I just need to wait and allow this all to come to be. Very Happy

anyone read tea leaves here? or have had theirs read? or any other special reading that was done for you that you'd care to share?
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Tea Leaf readings
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