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 can't wrap my mind around this girl......

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PostSubject: can't wrap my mind around this girl......   8/2/2012, 7:01 pm

read this article, and check out her pictures....

what creates such a little monster?
so shocking to see that the killer was a female in the first place...

got to thinking about what could have started this in her mind
that led to such a crime and possiblity of another ....
besides the obvious....IDK....
maybe a walk-in? maybe she was always this way even in past lives?
a demon?

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Dancing Bear

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PostSubject: Re: can't wrap my mind around this girl......   25/2/2012, 3:28 am

I missed this!!

It is amazing Am how this can be!
It baffles me too!!

Have no idea. why?

some people can be just made this way with the inclination, its like they are not born with a conscience.. they dont seem to be able to empathise with others, animals and nature.. The world is unfortunatley full of them.
I am an advocate of many animal movements.. and the horrific things people do to them is just as gut curdling.

I really do feel for the family of the murdered girl.. one of my daughters is of similar age. and would not even want to entertain the thought of this happening..
I hope the family of the deceased find a kind of peace somehow.
if that is ever possible..

the family of the murderer, I hope they find a kind of peace too..
at least they know where their little girl is!!

Its Scary to think these children were neighbours and probably played togeher many times before this.

I could cause an uproar here.. But i do think parents have a hand in this too.. if i saw my child had a tendancy of not caring about life... I would teach them to care and to relate.
Like for instance Ants are the first thing Kids like to step on.. they bite.
so they stomp... My kids learnt early that is def not acceptable.. and think of that poor little Ants mummy now, she will be crying not knowing where her little babies have gone..

There is that age old argument that has never really been resolved, "Nature vs Nurture"

Life is about choices we make.. regardless of what Karmic lessons we have brung with us from other lives.. Thats the beauty about freedom of our will...
Karmic lessons ( Life lessons) are about learning certain lessons to educate, calm, and give the soul Peace, and as humans to shre that Peace, teach how to attain that with the Druid attain Awen (Awe)
To kill is not to attain peace, it is to disturb and upset the balance of all things.. and even with the lessons this girl may or may not learn from this , there are peaceful ways of learning those very same lessons..
going back t my first comment, It is all about choices. How we choose to walk our path is up to us..even as little toddlers we make choices.

I dont know enough about walkins to comment about that area..
But this girl at the age of 18 KNEW right from wrong!! she chose to do this.. Maybe she didnt understand the full ramifications of what she was doing nor the consequences.. But she KNEW she was doing the wrong thing.. But chose to do it anyway.. She seriously needs help!! it doesnt bring that little innocent soul back, but hopefully the help will prevent this girl from doing this again.. There is always hope!!

RIP Little one, Blessing to you and your family xxx

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can't wrap my mind around this girl......
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