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 Old Haunted Church

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PostSubject: Old Haunted Church   10/8/2012, 3:22 am

About 4 months ago I moved out of a church that was severely haunted. Some of the things that happened there were astounding. Some of them terrifying. the spirits in this house were of a mix, half being angelic and helpful, the others were of the other sort, mean, demonic. When i first went intot hebuilding i cast one of my own spirits, a helper spirit, very lovely female, into the piano. i started playing and let go, and i had no idea what i was plaing, and yet the music was bliss, and the feeling i had playing was perfect. i focused on the sound and heard myself blessed with perfect pitch. i was so happy playing! the spirits helped me change the sound of the piano, and we managed distortion, like an electric guitar,blended into the sound. we learnt a few other tricks together, one of them had another player playing with me, rather rambunciously. it was amazing i could look at the piano and see the form and essence of the spirit inside. i love her. i had her dancing in the aditorium and gliding over the pews in the church, so gracefully. it was bliss. she was casting light for me too, i simply asked her to cast light, and not 10 seconds later light from nowhere graced through the room. now.. that is the good part. later, when night had fallen i got the pleasure to meet another one. this one was male, and called himself a spirit of the home itself. i sat there pondering my sins, and being aware of the alternate dimention i had entered into he began to creak. the house i mean, started creaking and poping and making many many sounds. it got wierd tho because the sounds went together to make strings of sentences. the creaking turned into wrds, SAAAAAAA(tan) ..... is coooooooming. all the sounds blended to produce the words. it was very eiry. i kept my composure tho, and saw the fear generating intent. i cast my focus onto him and had him read my body as truth. he started then speaking of the things i know, instead of fear. so i knew i was ok. the power of the demonic spirits in this house was phenomenal. they created a transdimentional stairway system, up to heaven, down to hell, and the middle plain of earth. the entire surroundings would drop out of sight and up one would go to attain pleasure and peace and enhanced awareness. down,, well that generated something a whole lot worse, i wont get into it here. ill just say one thing, i managed to put out the fire that was engulfing the world here by casting the knowledge of the black flame. they told me i needed it, and so i used it.

another time in the church i was practicing magic and sound, and was tapping on the banister, casting impulses into the sound, merging it with my mind. it became so beautiful i cant describe it, it turned into a water harp being played by angels, and upstairs angels were singing from nowhere! i loved it so much.

the church is still there, but it was closed down and boarded up. we all got kicked out. but if you walk across the floor in the gym you may find yourself gliding and skipping through the spaces ahead . i was practicing this way of moving here, and cast the effect directly into the room. it is quite a place. i previsualised the effect and the entire place before i got there, and as it stood it was created perfectly.

I was playing bball in the gym, and practicing with them, and they cast a previsual spell onto the ball as a spirit, and the ball became poccessed with a ghost. it was gray now, and vibrating like a ghost. i loved it and threw it up to miss but a spirit said GET IN!! and slammed the ball into the net. i thought he was rather angry but it was cool. as i played they cast knowledge on me and opened channels onto my body to become a perfect player, and i started sinking every shot, seemingly with my mind. if the ball would miss it would curve into the net! they had me convinced i was poccessed with two spirits one of jesus and one of satan and the presence of god in and around myself. i went to take a perfect shot jummped up, and to my amazement the gym disappeared and i was standing ontop of mount sinai, with the devil. it was only for a moment, before i travaled back to the ball, but i was quite impressed.

oh yeah, they created this crazy perceptual effect, that somehow changed any room into the projection of a living spirit. the room showed you that it was alive and in motion, and would cast its feelings directly into perceptual could seeeee the room watching you visually. it got to the point where i could speak to the room and the walls would manifest into a mouth and generate telepathic visual communication. it was amazing to actually see telepathy in a form of perception. amazing.these living spirits could take on any form, enter into any object and create these projections seemingly simple. everything for a while looked like a display of art for example. living art. its mind boggling, but it was great. after they kicked me out i broke into the place 3 times, just to come back and play with them. they loved to play, i miss them. i can call them, and work with them more, maybe later i will. they are an intense bunch. anyways just thought i would share this.
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Old Haunted Church
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