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 Do we make choices before or after birth?

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Dancing Bear

Leo Number of posts : 1239
Age : 51
Location : Living in John Lennons song Imagine. Down Under
Humor : Wicked
Registration date : 2008-12-28

PostSubject: Do we make choices before or after birth?   24/9/2012, 1:16 am

I had a couple of discussions with two of my favourite people in the world over the weekend. The other discussion i will make a new thread .. But this discussion was with my Eagle. He is a science man.. Prove it type person!!
Yet he tends to believe in Darwins "theory" which is only theory.
I am not religious, And dont lean towards Darwins theory either, Dont ask what i think Because i dont know, as, Always my easy answer is we are all Aliens LOL! hence my little icon man I use often alien
The problem i had with our discussion is the selection of things stopped there. there is no room for the soul/energy source we all are. SO if there is no room for the soul/ energy source of all beings, then I cannot believe in Darwinism theory unless it somehow was fitted in that made perfect sense in my mind.. I havent been convinced yet!!
In Darwins theory it was a choice , One ape decided it wanted to breed with another , not of its tribe. the product is a mutation of both, also along side with climate changes etc etc the body adapted and mutated to survive. and so forth..Until we get to the homo sapien. it was a choice made to breed with other races of ape. My argument is..If we came from Apes, How come there are still Apes.
AND! If we had a conscious choice to breed with different types of Apes to eventually come out with Human. When was that choice made? Before or after Birth?
But my Eagle being science man didnt see how we could have a choice before birth. Me being Me couldnt see how we could only have that choice after birth, something so big as that! To me we choose to be born in the time place, around the certain people. due to the lessons we need to learn. Before conception!

The problem here is one see's reincarnation as a natural process of the life cycle of the soul. The other there is no room for reincarnation at all nor a soul, Just energy! after all energy is physics and scientifically proven.
I know there is a lot more to Darwinian theory that i have written , But if it doesnt have room for the evolution of a soul, whcih includes reincarnation and the concept of deciding paths BEFORE we are born, then you have lost me. It is a firm belief of mine, I havent been able to be convinced otherwise. I know the soul and spirit energy exists. for me it has a journey, to me it explains why some are stuck and some move forwards. where that forwards is depends on the journey.

Now this conversation was not not about if Darwins theory was true or not!! what it was about is, whether the choices we make are before or after birth? How did my theory fit in with Darwinian theory. It doesnt i dont think!
Especially something as big as choosing place on the planet to Live, Species we choose to be, and tribes we belong to.
After all it is a soul having a physical experience to continue to learn and evolve to achieve whatever it is we are striving for.. Nirvana many say. some believe it is to return to the God source. Me i think it is about learning to achieve Inner Peace, Nirvana so we can return to the god source. Why we left is another story and thread LOL!!

What do you think? Do we have a choice before or after Birth? Why? Could reincarnation fit in with the Darwinian theory?

Have I not here the best cards for the game William Shakespeare :King John

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Gypsy Spirit


Number of posts : 169
Location : USA
Registration date : 2012-05-07

PostSubject: Re: Do we make choices before or after birth?   11/10/2012, 9:28 pm

Good question, DB! I know some say we have a blueprint that we follow, interesting that you have posted this question as I have been contemplating things like this myself lately. I wonder about things that I do during the day....did my higher self or soul know what choices I was going to end up doing or did something trigger me to do it on my own. I'm just not sure about some of this....

Also, like where does my belief come from about a higher power/god....was it because I was taught by the church or did I bring this belief in with me....

Who or what is the higher power, is it my higher self/my it the universe and what is that....or from spirit....same thing....where is this coming from.....

When I get information, where does it come from....

Just lately I have been REALLY thinking about the moment, I don't feel any closer to any answers.... Basketball!
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Dancing Bear

Leo Number of posts : 1239
Age : 51
Location : Living in John Lennons song Imagine. Down Under
Humor : Wicked
Registration date : 2008-12-28

PostSubject: Re: Do we make choices before or after birth?   24/10/2012, 9:43 am

Yeh the same Gypsy.
I studied Psychology for a while and still am no closer to understand why i am who i am.
I guess its the results of thinking outside of the box.. But why do I?
I have a family who dont! so am i a mutated gene, that makes me be rebellious?
Is it to do with Genes at all? Is my spiritual energy self, just who she is and thats that?
I came back with an already loaded library of Knowledge that i need to finish off and start certain tasks, lessons i have come back for?
I have twirled these types of theories around in my head for quite some time too.
I guess i am a deep thinker too. wanting to make sense of things, questioning pretty much everything.

I dont think any day soon we will get to some sort of answers. But i enjoy throwing around theories and discussing what others think.
My Husband is a deep thinker, not necessarily on a spiritual level, but certainly scientific. so he makes for a very interesting person to discuss this with..and frustrating at times LOL!!
I am glad i have this forum though as its nice to talk to others who think on a spiritual level about this too.
maybe one day we find out the answers.. hubby reckons the answer is 24.
LOL!! I think he watches too many Movies.. " hitchhikers guide to the galaxy" for example LOL!

My great grandfather thought we had a blueprint! He solely believed his death surrounded the numbers 30 and 6.. what that meant he had no idea..
But he found out soon enough.. he died the 30th June.

My Gran knew she was going to die on the 7th of the 1st..
She Did.. the numbers surrounding her were so siginificant to me.. 7 my path number, we buried her on my name number 11 of the 1st 2011

Both felt life was pre destined, our free will just determined "how" we got there!

Have I not here the best cards for the game William Shakespeare :King John

Please Private Message me if you would like a free online reading, Your Reading will be posted in the Forum.
Requesting a free reading in the forum, the results will be posted in the forum, You must be a member and have at least 20 Posts
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Libra Number of posts : 525
Age : 57
Location : NY
Registration date : 2009-01-13

PostSubject: Re: Do we make choices before or after birth?   24/10/2012, 4:10 pm

Great Thread, DB! and Great questions too.

I, like you, feel we make the decision BEFORE birth. I think the soul DOES exist. I don't think I can be quite so eloquent in explaining this here in words, as others - but I'll try.

I have been to the Akashic Records - as MANY have. I believe that the records exist to take note of every souls journeys. There is a reason for this as well. When I leave this life, I fully expect that when I go into the light, as I believe EVERY soul does go to, I believe we undergo a 'healing' time. It is during this healing time, that we are given the chance to see into OUR Akashic Records and see everything we've experienced-everything we have done, said, or not done or not said and should have.

It gives us the chance to 'review' our life and see where we could've done better. It is a time for us to come to terms with anything we left 'undone' when we passed.

After we have healed, we are given the chance to return again to the earth-or who knows, perhaps ANY planet in any time frame - we may be here right now in the 21st centruy, but we could go back to the 18th century. Our ultimate goal for our soul is to become 'God' (or Goddess) like. To become 'whole'. So it is at THIS point, that we make the decision of whether or not we need to come back and learn a lesson.

If we choose to come back again, we do so--and we are born again, with the chance to start on a new journey of learning. some of our journeys are only begun and then ended just as quickly--(such as being aborted, either purposely or through miscarriage)--or we may live for 100 plus years.

Each life--whether it has only been for a few seconds or for a 100 plus years is important and has helped our soul in some way, and also some other soul(s) as well. We all learn from each other too--from one soul to another.

We choose how we wish to come back into this life again. Whether we will be born poor or rich, healthy or ill, white, black, spanish, or asian. all these choices are made, and we also have other souls - who remain souls-that become our 'partners' in our lives as we have chosen. These are our guides in this life. Perhaps they were our guides in a past life too. Perhaps they are a new guide for us.

We choose the family we will be born into, the life we will have, and the lesson we hope our soul will learn. We do still have free will as things come to be for us in our new life--and our decisions shape the person we become--and thus our lesson is either learned or not. If it is learned, we go further soulfully--toward the step of being one again--with all.

I also do not know if I believe in the Darwin theory or not--and I do believe in God. but, I do not believe God is this old fatherly man, who is sitting on a throne welcoming us into his arms. I believe we are all a little piece of "God" and when we finally reach the ulitmate spiritual level, we join into 'the collective' (yeah, sort of like on Star Trek! Laughing ) and we become ONE.

This ONE is the ultimate love and all that is good and all that EVERY soul is reaching to achieve.

These are my views. One interesting story to share, as to how it helped me to come to my conclusions above, is that one of my first guides to ever appear to me was a monk. He asked me if I was ready to begin a new spiritual path now, to which I responded "yes". At any rate, this monk was one of my guides. I was to 'meet' him face to face again--years later, in a meditative dream like state, where I went back into time--and I found myself sitting at a desk in a cave like place and I was also a monk. I was sitting with many other monks and we were all creating parts of the bible. We were copying these pages - onto other papers that I imagine were for new bibles.

while I stood behind this "monk", I KNEW without a doubt that this was I in a previous life, and I was "a part" of this man. It was as if I had two bodies. My body as I know it today--standing behind him, looking over his shoulder, and yet also HIS body--sitting on this stool/chair and writing. I swear, I could even feel as "my"--HIS arm moved the pen into the ink and then back to the paper again to write. It was a bizarre and very cool experience for me.

But, even more was when the door opened and all the monks looked up to see another monk walking into the room. This monk and I - both as 'me' and as the monk I "was" locked eyes--and it was THE SAME MONK WHO APPEARED TO ME A FEW YEARS AGO!"

This is why I feel that when that monk that I was passed away--he later decided to be reborn--as 'me' today--and this other monk was also passed and agreed to be one of his (one of my) guides.

There may have been, and I believe there were also - many other lives for my soul in between my life as a monk and my life today. I also believe that we all work together and we may even be born again into the same family or some other circle that will eventually 'unite' us. Many people feel and/or know they were in many lives with the same person. My husband and I for instance, I believe have gone through other lives together.

It is a complicated thing to even try to come and understand, but one reason I do believe in this, is because I KNOW I've had other lives--I've experienced them in my meditations. I KNOW I've been the Akashic Records--and that especially makes me believe that we make the decisions BEFORE birth. Why would we record all the happenings for every soul unless it is to serve some purpose? I think the purpose is to help us grow and become more "God/Goddess" like and this whole thing just makes sense to me. I hope I've explained it well enough here for others to understand my thoughts on this issue.
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PostSubject: Re: Do we make choices before or after birth?   

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Do we make choices before or after birth?
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