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 i have missed you all

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PostSubject: i have missed you all   i have missed you all Icon_minitime2/11/2013, 9:05 am

I am sorry that I have been gone so long. I am fighting an auto-immune disease that so far does not have a definitive diagnosis. The short description is that I have been in critical full body pain... every joint in my body is swollen and throbbing in pain to the point that if i fold one load of laundry, i am bedridden for the rest of the day. Thats enough whining... time for the good stuff...

Over the past few months, i have been spending time with my best friends dad who is incredibly psychic and has been telling me since i was a child that i could be an incredible psychic if i worked on it. We have gotten much closer now that i am an adult. I believe he has been helping me open up more without telling me. This sounds unethical, but i assure you he has my full permission to do this and it works for me.

Anyway, since i started spending time with him, so many synchronistic events have taken place and i have received a bunch of psychic messages that i didnt realize were psychic until they actually happened, or was able to confirm them. That usually only takes a few minutes to confirm.

I do plan to work on the pendulum stuff soon, but for now i am just trying to see what i get without trying.
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PostSubject: Re: i have missed you all   i have missed you all Icon_minitime3/11/2013, 8:19 am

I wondered what happened to you KShultz! I'm glad you are back. Sorry you are experiencing such issues though. Sad 

I have the same issues, and I will tell you, it was when I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia (which could be what you have too) that I decided to go on a gluten free diet.

I was afraid I wouldn't be able to do it though-as I am a HUGE bread lover. I use to LIVE on bread! Even though I did have a wheat intolerance. Which come to find out is also an auto-immune disorder! I have since found out that I have quite a few of them--and the last few years have been absolutely MISERABLE for me.

Then, as I mentioned, I began my GF diet. My doctor told me that they could not tell me to go on it as it is not scientifically proven. She wanted to put me on yet MORE medicine to deal with the pain and severe fatigue.

However, we agreed that I'd try the diet and see what happens. She warned me that it could take 9mos. to a year to see any improvements.

I started the diet on July 01, 2013. I have pretty much seen a complete turn around! I am still having some 'minor' issues--which may or may not be related to my auto-immune issues--BUT! I am very pleased to announce that I am no longer in such pain as I was dealing with for pretty much 24/7.

I was getting to the point of needing a cane and walker/wheelchair--but now, I can actually stand upright and walk w/o any issues at all!!! I even climb stairs now w/o pulling myself up each step with the help of the railing.

I would recommend you think about this and perhaps try it out. It can't hurt-as long as you make sure you eat nutritiously.

Now, as for the psychic stuff. How wonderful for you!!!cheers 

I believe that everyone has the ability to develop some abilities--and some - possibly EVERYONE could develop ALL abilities!

I could recommend some great books with great exercises in them to help you--if you are so inclined to check these out.

The first one is a book called: Psychic Tarot: Using your Natural Psychic Abilities to Read the Cards.

this book is by Nancy Antenucci. Not very expensive at all and a short book with lots of exercises in it that can also be adapted to use without the cards too. It is also a great help in learning to read with any deck of cards though. I've used many of the exercises - adapting them too, to use in psychic circles that we use to hold here weekly.

The next two books are both by Debra Lynn Katz. Again, not expensive and not too large a book to be overwhelming. Also offering many exercises to develop your psychic abilities.

1. You ARE Psychic
2. Extraordinary Psychic

All three of these books should be in everyone library who wish to develop their abilities, as far as I'm concerned. They are wonderfully written, easy to understand and work well!

Check for them on amazon for the best prices too!

AND, welcome back. Hope that you soon find an answer to your auto-immune issues--whether this also is a GF diet or some other way.

I do still have some problems, but they are cut so far down that I cannot say for sure it is still auto immune issues or something else. I will say that my pain levels are extremely low now though--and I rarely need to take even pain meds now. I use to be on pain meds every day! A few different types--for slight pain, terrible pain and then to help me fall asleep and stay that way for the night. With my diet, I have only taken them rarely--the one to make me sleep I think only once within 3 wks of starting my new diet. And, that was probably due to the fact that we went on a long car drive for a vacation. Being stuck in the car for hours on end is not easy still--but getting better too!

Good Luck to you. Feel free to PM or Email me if you have any questions on either the diet or books.

i have missed you all Tarot_10
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i have missed you all
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