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 Our Health and our Mediumship

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Dancing Bear

Leo Number of posts : 1239
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Registration date : 2008-12-28

PostSubject: Our Health and our Mediumship   23/3/2011, 9:41 am

Do any of you suffer with your health more than normal since you have developed your mediumship abilities?

I feel like since i have become so in tune with my mediumship, and Pretty darn good at , if i do say so myself Wink
I have Suffered more and more with my health..

I do recall a few Mediums who are int he spot light, also say they are sicker than they have ever been and it is a regular occurance, and put it down to the energy work we do.. Taking on all the ailments of those passed etc..

I have, Forever belly bugs..
And Vomiting for no good reason..
I have had my stomach and belly bug thing checked out by docs, nothing there.
then i was speaking to someone and they were saying when we raise our energy levels, ( vibrational levels also) we tend to do this, It is part of ascension.
Vomiting is suppose to be a release of rubbish.. But in the above article No Vomiting and being sick..
Other than the Intolerance of foods and allergies..
Which is me all over,, I have now developed and intolerance to Dairy Products, Yet when i went to get all that checked , it came up negative to an allergy.. Yet when i drink way too much Milk or have too much dairy , Again I feel sick!! Now when i say way too much Milk etc,, it seems like i have drank an entire 2 ltr bottle of milk, Yet i have only added a little bit in a cup of coffee or tea. Or i have had a cheese sandwhich.
So i never ever attempt any cups of anything after 4pm any more LOL!
Now somedays I cant even keep water down.
It is happening way too often for my liking.

I eat extremely healthy.. and never any processed rubbish.
and am now since the accident really wanting to excercise a lot more , Body willing,.
I am going to start really getting stuck into my health..
Even though i am healthy inside.
MY Body due to car accident, Is not so willing to move more than it has to..
Which I am about to push beyond its limits..
Because i am fed up with being sick..

I am also not one to meditate too often, Only due to lack of time with a young family and an elderly grandfather to look after.
But I am really really desperate and have an inner urgency to do this.

anyone else have this?

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Libra Number of posts : 525
Age : 57
Location : NY
Registration date : 2009-01-13

PostSubject: Re: Our Health and our Mediumship   24/3/2011, 4:00 am

Well, it's sort of hard for me to say, because I have always been 'sickly'. Laughing

however, that said, i can say that when I first began to develop, I did get deathly ill with vertigo. it was all at the same time, and I mean to tell you, when I say I was sick--I was extremely sick. At first the doctors had no idea what was causing the vertigo, and I was sent to every specialist in the state and put through every imaginable test known to man. I was close to being sent to my choice of two hospitals--a specialty hospital in Boston, MA or Johns Hopkins Hosptial in MD by the specialists to be put under the care of World re-known specialists and a possible 'exploratory' surgery. Thank God that never came to be though and the vertigo calmed down after being in bed for weeks.

It would come back with a vegeance though, before finally after years of experiencing this it would again subside for longer periods of time. I have not had a severe attack in awhile, TG again! very debilitating. severe diarhea and vomiting with this as well, as I couldn't keep anything down and would also get severe migraines with it sometimes. I couldn't handle any noise to the point that vomiting hurt my head--and was so weak, that at times, I needed help to get to the toilet. Awful times. I didn't have the strength to even stand during those attacks. I was like a rag doll and truly worried I was going to die myself, leaving my husband to raise our pre-teen age daughter alone.

it was then that my abilities were getting very strong. I would get incredible ringing in my ears as well, and I still do. I still also get dizzy, and have the vertigo attacks, but I'm not 100% certain that it is due to my abilities. who knows? maybe its a coincidence. I also get extremely fatigued after doing readings. sometimes after only doing one reading. I have to be very careful with when I do psychic readings and psychic medium readings, as if I am going through a busy time/having health issues--I know I cannot read a client. It is making it very difficult for me with reading. Especially again after I was diagnosed w/a blood clot. I can tell since I've been on blood thinners that my readings have suffered. I do wonder if it is all related to developing however. Long before my gallbladder attack and surgery (Dec. 2009) and the bloodclot episode in Nov. 2010, I was warned by my spirit guide that i would be experiencing some very traumatic and devastating times in preparation for me to move forward more on a very important spiritual path.

I recall before these health issues occurred, having the most amazing visit by my guide, Joe and I was standing before a 'committee' of sorts and it was a celebration too of sorts--for me, aparently. Joe was beaming at me like a proud papa. and then all of a sudden this glorious being--female seemed to fill the whole room with all these 'elders' sitting around - in a circle, me being in teh middle w/Joe my guide. All I can really recall of this 'being' was that she was feminine and I saw her arm and it was as if she was giving me a blessing and all these little star like things--or glitter, or somethign were being poured all over me and apparently this was a very special thing to happen.

I only really recall seeing her arm though. it was odd.

It was after this, that I had a series of psychic and tarot card and other divination readings by people at AT who seem to have connected to this being and a housecat, whom I believe was also there at my 'ceremony'. That housecat btw, has appeared to me later--when I was in bed, trying to fall asleep. cats seem to be drawn to me too, and all around me of late. all of this is somehow connected.

very odd and very interesting at the same time. I wonder tho, if you are correct and these health issues are somehow related too. btw--my allergies also got much worse when I began to accept and work at really developing my abilities.

lots to think about here, DB.
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Our Health and our Mediumship
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