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 Ascension Symptoms!

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Gypsy Spirit


Number of posts : 169
Location : USA
Registration date : 2012-05-07

PostSubject: Ascension Symptoms!   21/5/2012, 12:03 am

Has anyone else been experiencing anything on these list? I know I have the past few years.

Happy Ascending! alien

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Dancing Bear

Leo Number of posts : 1239
Age : 51
Location : Living in John Lennons song Imagine. Down Under
Humor : Wicked
Registration date : 2008-12-28

PostSubject: Re: Ascension Symptoms!   21/5/2012, 5:14 am

Quote :
* A wanting to go Home, as if everything is OVER and you don't belong here anymore. We are returning to the Source. Everything IS over. (But many of us are staying to experience and create the New World). Also, our old plans for coming have been completed.

I dreamt this not long ago.. In my sleep i was talking to spirit about what it is like to be pure energy and without the heaviness of a body.
and the feelings that come with being free of earthly anchors.
I woke myself up startled at saying " I cant wait to get there"

I really don't want to go just yet as I have much to do here, especially concerning one of my children.
and I enjoy life too much..
probably why I was startled and scared myself to think I , on a spiritual level I am ready.

I do get tired a lot.. I get tired in trying to help others ascend. ( not on purpose thinking i am fully there and being condescending ( that's not where i come from) .. But trying to help them with the results of their ways..trying to show them how they were created ) helping them see that they are the creators of their own experiences. Through their ways of thinking and actions, create their reality.. it is all a reflection.
It is hard at times to get this message across.. as it can travel deep on multi faceted levels. that can be quite complicated at times..
and also at times I am in the thick of it , with my own life.

I know when I am ascending further when the numbers start popping up again..
11:11, 4:44.. etc.. mainly the 11's though, that is my Birth number! and again when this happens the closer i am to the spirit world and again things if it is at all possible become clearer.

And Yes!!! At times I think , Am I a crack pot Smile Shocked

My religion is Kindness , Compassion and Honesty..
this for me works on many levels and I am forever learning, as to how far I can take this, it seems limitless... it doesn't make me a blind fool, to those who don't work on this energy level. and it wont stop me from standing up vehemently if necessary to those who work on lower energy levels/ frequencies. I don't back down.. which could be a problem LOL!! and I am extremely outspoken. I challenge many peoples thought patterns. I question a Lot!! I other words i am not frightened to make waves. especially when it comes to injustice towards our planet, animals and children.
through ascension and my spiritual journey i found my voice..
which in turn made me explore more ways of communications.. Hence this forum, My website, Facebook etc etc ...
ON the chakra meter we have in here I am always on overdrive with my blue chakra.

It does make me see my own path clearer and clearer. I love it when the numbers start appearing I know change is on its way!!
At one stage or another i have experienced many of those ascension symptoms.. Its the numbers that i understand and denote major movement for me! depending on the numbers that appear!

I know i am not at the end of my spiritual journey and I look forwards to the rest of it..
Thanks for the links Gypsy Spirit.
Love your name BTW..
I use Tree Spirit in some forums i belong Smile

Have I not here the best cards for the game William Shakespeare :King John

Please Private Message me if you would like a free online reading, Your Reading will be posted in the Forum.
Requesting a free reading in the forum, the results will be posted in the forum, You must be a member and have at least 20 Posts
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Pisces Number of posts : 645
Age : 61
Location : in a lake in minnesota
Registration date : 2010-07-16

PostSubject: Re: Ascension Symptoms!   21/5/2012, 6:19 pm

noises in my ears/head...deep periods of sleep...waking between 2 and 4...
shapes and colors when my eyes are shut...feeling frail for no reason...
quarantine music or tv...deja vu/synchronicity/divine timing...
not wanting my tradition faith, but looking for something again(like i did too as a teen)...
wow....those could be ascension symptoms?
but some others sound more like my diabetes...

esp. the noises in my ears/head...
maybe i don't have anything in my sinuses or a pineal gland problem?

i've noticed more ability kicking in...spurts and sparks yet..
i have re-gained seeing auras again...on a whim, i practiced on a guy in the parking lot...he was arguing with his wife and messing around with his kids...saw mustard yellow and olive green...took him someone arrogant the way he acted and talked...his colors showed a manipulative nature and miserliness...

just tickled i can see them again...will practice more often....
"use it, or lose it", n'est pas? Very Happy
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Gypsy Spirit


Number of posts : 169
Location : USA
Registration date : 2012-05-07

PostSubject: Re: Ascension Symptoms!   25/5/2012, 6:20 pm

Dancing Bear, thank you for your kindness on my name! I agree on your religion...mine too! Hubby and I are always seeing 11:11 and making a wish...he he! Numbers are very cool!

You go girl, just don't burn out that blue chakra.....tee hee!

Look at yourself as a spiritual farmer planting seeds and other peeps minds are the fields.... cyclops So YOU are needed....stay here! lol!

Me, on the other hand would like to go home, but not's just! tongue I've experienced almost all the symptoms......the depression was the worst for about 5-6 yrs.

Always good to know your not alone! cat

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Gypsy Spirit


Number of posts : 169
Location : USA
Registration date : 2012-05-07

PostSubject: Re: Ascension Symptoms!   25/5/2012, 6:25 pm

Sounds like a lot of symptoms going on there Amethyst57!

So much fun when things start happening, then we really know we are waking up and becoming aware.

I read some where that enlightenment is being aware and in the now, I really like that! flower

cheers To Being Aware and In The NOW! cheers
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Libra Number of posts : 525
Age : 57
Location : NY
Registration date : 2009-01-13

PostSubject: Re: Ascension Symptoms!   31/5/2012, 12:04 am

Ah yes! I've experienced some of these and still do on occasion. The ringing in the ears often happens to me. And, often when it does, soon after it stops, I have contact w/spirit in some way. Generally I will begin to 'hear' them or 'see' them.

I also often will see shapes and colors when I close my eyes. That still happens a lot to me. Often the shapes are of a person/(spirit?) or something that will generally become clear to me later on--usually like the next day. does this make sense?

As for physical pain--yes, but then I have a lot of physical health problems, which can be identified with this.

Sleep? I am often worn out. But, I have a low pain almost constantly, and it can wear on you, so I attribute this to my needing sleep. I'm also the type of person taht requires a good 9hours of sleep a night--straight through. If it is interupted, then I try to make up for it--add 30 to 60 minutes to the time I am deficient as well.

food cravings? yes, often. I always give into it too. I feel that if I am craving something in particular, there is a reason for it and my body obviously needs it.

I do love my 'alone' time too. And, as for quiet time, I really do not like the tv. I prefer to have the quiet. I can't seem to concentrate when it is chaotic with tv blaring or radio blaring. I enjoy instead listening to the natural hum of life around me. I once drove 10hrs straight w/o once having the radio on or any music playing. I didn't even think about it, tbh. It was a very enjoyable drive too. just me in the car alone and it was peaceful. Very Happy My husband thinks I'm nuts when I do this--but I do like to just hear life around me. No need for music or tv or radio noise.

And, I have let go of some spiritual practices. Some I have kept, some I have not. I still will feel the need now and again to pick up those I've dropped and do them again for a while, then discard them again. SUch as going to church every sunday and holy day. Right now, I rarely go. But who's to say in 2wks what I'll feel like doing?

interesting piece, Gypsy Spirit.
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Gypsy Spirit


Number of posts : 169
Location : USA
Registration date : 2012-05-07

PostSubject: Re: Ascension Symptoms!   14/6/2012, 5:38 am

Your welcome, CN! I can also relate to some of the same ones you are listing! I guess the main thing is to just flow and not get stuck in the quicksand. Wink
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PostSubject: Re: Ascension Symptoms!   

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Ascension Symptoms!
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